angel soap Melbourne & Sweetest Delights オンラインストア

[angel soap] Melbourne is handmade in Victoria, Australia with natural & organic ingredients of vegetable oils, exotic butters, herbs and essential oils which are locally, fairtrade & sustainably sourced.

As our vegetable soaps were born from the needs of sensitive & dry skin, they do not contain skin irritating substances such as chemicals, artificial colorings or fragrances.

There are NO animal-derived ingredients used, and NO animals are/will be tested in relation to the production of these soaps.

We also ensure that palm oil we use is "sustainable palm oil" and does not come from the regions where rain forests are destroyed, orangutans are killed and workers are mistreated.

More than 98% of all plant-derived ingredients in [angel soap Melbourne] 's "Organics" range is certified organic, we also use Australian grown or non-pesticide produce in our soap.

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angel soap & Sweetest Delights Online Store is now closed permanently. We will be back with a new business name in mid to late 2019. Please follow us on Facebook for updates!
angel soap & Sweetest Delightsオンラインストアは2018年末を持ちまして閉店致しました。長年のご愛顧、誠にありがとうございました。2019年下半期に新たな名前で再始動予定です。詳細につきましては追ってangel soap のフェイスブックページにてお知らせ致します。 非表示