The Cold Process Soaps

[angel soap] is made through a method called “cold processing.”

The cold process soap is not cooked as it is made, which helps the soap retain all beneficial vitamins and minerals, and allows the soap’s natural glycerine to remain intact.

Cold Process Soap is the traditional way that soap has been made for many years. It is made with natural oils, butters, and other skin loving ingredients, that leave your skin feeling clean and soft!

Every single bar of soaps is handmade in Melbourne, Australia by the owner/soap designer, Sae. As our vegetable soaps were born from the needs of dry & sensitive skin AND nose, they do not contain skin and nose irritating substances such as artificial chemicals, colourings and/or fragrances.

There are NO animal-derived ingredients used, and NO animals are/will be tested in relation to the production of these soaps.